Allan Kardec - Inglês

01 – For 200 years, on 3 October 1804, Allan Kardec, the Spiritism’s codifier was born. If he would manifest in a mediumship session, what he would do to complete his work?
The fundamental of Spiritism was already completed in Allan Kardec’s basic works. Perhaps, he would enlarge the vision of the spiritual world, as he said: …“ it is necessary that the future life does not let any doubt or hesitation in the Spirit; it should be as positive as the present life, which is its continuation, in the same way that tomorrow is the continuation of yesterday. It is necessary to see it, understand it and, as to say, touch it with the fingers…”

02 – What is the major achievement of Allan Kardec?
There are many merits in the extraordinary work of the codifier of the Spiritism. Its great achievement, maybe, is the establishment of a rational faith that is “able to meet reason face to face in all Human epoch”.

03 – What approach are you most sensitive to?
The need to practice the Goodness and, through the service to our next look for the greatest resource to get free of egoism, the sentiment that kills the hope of having happiness and social justice in Earth. This is the reason he emphasized, “Without charity there is no salvation”.

04 – What would be your methodology to promote more efficiently the Spiritism?
Through the dedication of the Spiritism followers, the creation of active groups to develop services for a better society that are sensitive to human misery and that are united by its tolerance for each other limitations and failures, aiming to “work, solidarity and tolerance.”

05 – How could we be at Kardec’s expectative and turn into his legitimate adepts?
The aim of the Spiritism is to accelerate our evolution through inner transformation. Certainly, the codifier expects that we take into consideration that “the true Spiritism can be recognized by their moral transformation and by the efforts that employ in order to dominate their bad instincts”.

06 – Considering the importance of the mediumship practice that distinguishes the Spiritism and it is a door to contact the Spirits world, what Kardec would expect in this area?
The greatest problems in the mediumship practice are the own benefits, pride and ambitions, which direct to regrettable problems. Therefore, we should look for “the character and position of the medium, and by the the absence of all motives of worldly interest or vanity in the exercise of this faculty: because the same stimulus of unworthy motives, which would prompt a medium to make an interest use of a faculty really possessed by him, might also prompt him to stimulate that faculty if he did not really possess it.”

07 – Which model would Kardec suggest for a behavior compatible with the doctrine’s philosophy?
Jesus, the greatest personality of the humankind, spiritual governor of our planet. “God offers Him to our thought as our most perfect model and the doctrine taught by Him is the purest expression of the divine law, because He was animated by the divine spirit and was the purest being who has ever appeared upon Earth.”

08 – Currently, what would Kardec recommend?
For sure, he would sign after the message published in the “Gospel according to the Spiritism”, whose author is the Spirit of Truth: “Spirits, love one another, this is the precept, educate yourselves is the second.”

Interview published in the October 2000’s edition of Revista Internacional de Espiritismo (International Spiritist Magazine).

2010 - Richard Simonetti